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January 2024

1:00 - 3:00 pm

This course explores working relationally in psychodynamic supervision, a clinical supervision model based on relational psychoanalytic thinking. This model puts the supervisory relationship at the center of the process. A video of actual supervision conducted by the instructor will be viewed and analyzed, and vignettes from her recent book, related work, and other published material will be discussed.

February 2024

12:00 - 2:00 pm

This course introduces ideas and concepts at the center of the Group Analytic (GA) approach. Developed by S.H. Foulkes, GA is an established model for group therapy used in many countries around the world that focuses on relationships and interactions between group members.

March 2024

12:00 - 1:30 pm

This six-week course offers an experiential way of learning about clinical issues pertaining to drug addiction in the context of psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy. 

May 2024

10:00 - 1:00 pm

Through the presentation of dreaming as an expression of the spiritual psyche, a felt sense of the spiritual psyche in clinical practice and in everyday life will emerge. Participants’ relationship to their own dream life will be catalyzed through reflective engagement and discussion.