Community Service Award

The NCSPP Community Service Award is an annual award presented for outstanding community service by an individual or a mental health organization in the field of psychoanalytic psychology. We believe that while the important work of building community serves a vital role in development of the social good, it remains under-recognized in our field. We want to honor those who spend their time and effort in this critical endeavor.

Community Award Recipients:

2005: Toni Heineman/A Home Within

2006: Maureen Murphy

2007:  Bart Magee/Access Institute
2007:  Barbara Blasdel

2008:  Ruth Fallenbaum/Survivors International

2009:  Bruce Weitzman
2009:  Marjorie Schlenoff

2010:  RAMS

2011:  Terrance McLarnan/CHD

2012:  West Coast Children’s Center

2013:  Linda Zataresky

2014:  Diane Ehrensaft

2015: The Psychotherapy Institute

2016: Katie Fahrner
2016: Sharon Tyson

2017: Kadija Johnson
2017: Maria St. John

2018: Reflective Spaces | Material Places

2019: Audrey Dunn