Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Willow Banks's picture
Willow Banks, Psy.D.
Past President
Catherine McGovern's picture
Catherine McGovern, Psy.D.
Michele McGuinness's picture
Michele McGuinness
Chair, Administrator
Tanisha Stewart's picture
Tanisha Stewart, Psy.D.
Candice Turner's picture
Candice Turner, Psy.D.
Division 39 Rep, CE Director, President

Board Members

Katherine Eng's picture
Katherine Eng, Ph.D.
Chair, Community Mental Health Committee
Michele McGuinness's picture
Michele McGuinness
Ronna Milo Haglili's picture
Ronna Milo Haglili, Psy.D.
Chair, Education Committee
Luba Palter's picture
Luba Palter, LMFT
Chair, Impulse Committee
Peter Silen's picture
Peter Silen, Ph.D.
Chair, Editorial Committee
Gavriella Silverman's picture
Gavriella Silverman
Chair, Pre-licensed Clinician Members Committee
Rebekah Tinker's picture
Rebekah Tinker, MSW
Chair, Digital Media and Technology Committee