Psychoanalysis in the News

by Molly Merson, MFT
We All Need Psychoanalysis: It Would Make Britain a Happier, Kinder Place. If all people had access to psychoanalysis, including in schools, prisons, and workplaces, the author believes we could foster a country-wide (and perhaps global) environment and culture of thoughtfulness, community, and self-reflection -- a possible antidote to the violence and and lack of empathy so pervasive in our world.
The Commodification of Loss: The Integration of a Capitalist Critique into Clinical Work. The interconnections between loss, helplessness, and desire for replaceable commodities is a part of our unconscious identity as people in a capitalist society. Karen Maroda explores Todd McGowan's book Capitalism and desire: The psychic cost of free markets and its implications in society and in her clinical work with a patient struggling with loss, helplessness, and repetitive depression.
Bella Freud Unveils Psychoanalysis Fragrance and Perfume at Liberty. Psychoanalysis bends time, transporting and linking both the analyst and the patient to other times, places, and dimensions. Bella Freud -- great-granddaughter of Sigmund -- has created a perfume which she believes can do the same. Today, Freud (Bella) has created a product, the vapors of which are a link to the 100-year-old case of Lucy R., treated by Freud (Sigmund) for hysteria and olfactory hallucination.