Sitting on the Couch: Psychoanalysis Considers Spiritual Practices
A Day with Gangaji and Dianne Elise

Submitted by Peter Carnochan, Ph.D.

Saturday, March 5th, 2011, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
St. Gregory's Church, 500 De Haro Street, San Francisco, CA

The challenges of sitting with a client in analytic psychotherapy are not unlike the challenges of encountering one's own mind in spiritual practice. Both traditions share the aim of cutting through illusion. The Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California is committed to extending the reach of psychoanalysis through dialogue with other communities of inquiry. In this third annual day-long program, two prominent leaders in their fields, Gangaji, a teacher in the nondual spiritual tradition, and psychoanalyst Dianne Elise will focus on the awakening of awareness in the exchange between teacher and student, therapist and client. This event is an opportunity to delve into the ways that psychoanalytic practice and spiritual inquiry can inform and enrich each other.

This program is augmented by "Embracing Mystery: Spiritual Issues in Analytic Practice," six clinical seminars led by analysts from PINC and the SF Jung Institute.

Gangaji is an internationally renowned teacher and author dedicated to the recognition of the peace and freedom inherent in the core of being. See her work at: www.gangaji.org.

Dianne Elise, Ph.D. is a Personal and Supervising Analyst and Faculty at PINC, and has published extensively in major psychoanalytic journals. She is interested in how spiritual feeling enters and can be elaborated within the clinical encounter.

Details and Registration at: pincsf.org.