NCSPP's Corner

by Michele McGuinness


NCSPP's Digital Media and Technology Committee is looking for new committee members as we use digital technologies to expand the reach and accessibility of NCSPP to members and the wider community.

Videographer for small workshops:
This person will be responsible for filming NCSPP workshops and have a strong interest in bringing analytic ideas to the world. Typically this could be 1-3 events a year. These responsibilities include working with our livestreaming company in advance to confirm setup and filming requirements, testing and running camera for livestream events, and/or creating brief audio or video clips of the presenter to post on the website. We have the equipment, we just need you!

Social Media:
This person will know how to MC (move the crowd) on social media. As we roll out our video offerings, we need someone who manages to hold the analytic frame while still getting people excited, facilitating a dialogue, and building a wider audience for NCSPP's offerings through social media. The Social Media Person will be responsible for advertising NCSPP events on FB as well as using other social media platforms to get the word out about upcoming events and NCSPP in general.

Blog/Newsgroup/Podcast Person:
This position is still in the planning phase. Responsibilities could include: create and maintain a blog for the organization on varying topics, create podcasts that would be available through the website, and create brief audio or video clips of the presenter to post on the website. This is a great opportunity to attend NCSPP events and shape the organization's approach to digital content delivery.

If you fit, or aspire to fit, one of these roles, we would love to hear from you. For more information please email us.