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May 2018

Lecture | Event
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
The David Brower Center, East Bay

Socio-political realities, such as the divisions by race, nationalism, or gender, are maintained by engaging us all in states of enchantment/trance.  What does psychoanalysis have to say about the way ideology inscribes us?  Following her long empirical and clinical work with people suffering with dissociation and depersonalization, Dr. Guralnik will propose that the intimate link between culture and the subject is not necessarily mediated by the Oedipal crisis or the internalization of the Law of the Father, but through spell states and dissociative mechanisms. This claim has broad clinical implications. 

9:00 am - 1:00 pm
The Dream Institute of Northern California, East Bay

Traffic on the royal road has thinned in recent years; clinicians may complete training with little exposure to dream studies or methods of working with them. But clients still dream, and this program will enable clinicians to engage with them fruitfully.

Sample dreams will highlight diagnostic and transferential information in initial dreams. Common symbols of the self — house and car — will be discussed for their psychodynamic implications. Dream markers correlated with trauma, borderline, suicide risk, and breakdown will be noted. We will identify core conflicts and internal resources, translating dream images into metaphoric language usable in ongoing treatment. Emphasis is less on theory and intellectual interpretation and more on direct engagement with affect, imagery, and narrative provided by the “dream-maker”.