CMH Social June 2018

Welcome, CMH clinicians, to a night of community building! 

Finding time to build professional connections and take care of ourselves can feel draining and difficult after the frenetic pace of agency work in community mental health. 

In Memoriam Harvey Peskin, Ph.D.

NCSPP would like to express our condolences to the family of Harvey Peskin who passed on April 21st, 2018. Dr. Harvey Peskin was a founder and former President of PINC. He was an instructor for multiple courses focused on dehumanization, witnessing, trauma survivors, and grief. In his accomplished life, Dr. Peskin had multiple roles including, a scholar of the Holocaust, a professor at San Francisco State University, and a psychotherapist in Berkeley for almost 60 years.

Intro Event 2018

In this introductory event to the year-long Intensive Study Groups in San Francisco and the East Bay, we will explore how to work with the negative in the therapeutic process.  We will have an informal, dynamic conversation with Megan Rundel Ph.D. and Alexander Zinchenko Ph.D. from the East Bay, as well as Era Lowenstein Ph.D. and Diane Borden Ph.D. from San Francisco.

NCSPP Scholarship Drive

Greetings NCSPP Community,

I'd like to invite you to make a generous contribution to NCSPP's annual scholarship drive to ensure that we create meaningful and real access to our events, our courses, and our community.

Please consider donating the cost of one of your sessions, or  any amount that is significant for you, and DONATE NOW

Widening the Royal Road

Traffic on the royal road has thinned in recent years; clinicians may complete training with little exposure to dream studies or methods of working with them. But clients still dream, and this program will enable clinicians to engage with them fruitfully.

Sample dreams will highlight diagnostic and transferential information in initial dreams. Common symbols of the self — house and car — will be discussed for their psychodynamic implications. Dream markers correlated with trauma, borderline, suicide risk, and breakdown will be noted. We will identify core conflicts and internal resources, translating dream images into metaphoric language usable in ongoing treatment. Emphasis is less on theory and intellectual interpretation and more on direct engagement with affect, imagery, and narrative provided by the “dream-maker”.

Working Relationally in Psychodynamic Supervision

The centerpiece of this two-meeting course will be the viewing and analysis of a video of a supervision session conducted by Dr. Sarnat and videotaped at the American Psychological Association’s film studio. (Relational Psychodynamic Supervision, APA, 2016).

In the first meeting, we will view the video, tracking the supervisor's struggles as she tries to “teach” the supervisee, but with limited supervisee learning taking place.

In the second meeting, we will discuss selected chapters from Dr. Sarnat’s most recent book, Supervision Essentials for Psychodynamic Psychotherapies (APA, 2016).

Beyond the Consulting Room: A Conversation with Meredith Sabini, MS, Ph.D.

NCSPP’s Pre-licensed Clinicians Committee invites you to the 21st in a series of conversations with experienced clinicians in the field of depth psychology. Join your colleagues for a stimulating evening of food, wine, and conversation with Dr. Meredith Sabini, a licensed psychologist and director of The Dream Institute in Berkeley.


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