The Enigma of Ana: Embodiment and Cyberspace in Eating Disorders

“Pro-anorexia” has emerged as a dramatic development in cyberspace, drawing participants to Internet sites that take a partially positive attitude towards anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders. From an outsider’s perspective, pro-ana forums confront visitors with what has been characterized as “the
spectacle of not eating” — words and images conveying startling emaciation and suffering. The harmful effects of pro-ana participation have been documented.

Distant Learning: Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy by Phone and Skype

Through readings and case discussion, this course will address the complex issues and necessary modifications for delivering ongoing, deep treatment when the patient is out of the room. We will also review the legal requirements and ethical issues involved in using the telephone, Skype, or the Internet for the long-term.

Reflective Spaces | Material Places

Community mental health practitioners are under enormous pressure to deliver more services with fewer resources, while the problems that we are challenged to resolve are increasingly complex. As we strive to provide meaningful interventions that address the social, psychic and justice demands of those who struggle the most, we have an even greater need to carve out spaces, both within our minds as clinicians and within our places of practice, to reflect on our work and connect with one another.

Creative Reading Series - Searles

This summer the NCSPP Pre-Licensed Committee will be hosting a series of reading groups, pairing seminal analytic works with Ogden’s essays from his book Creative Readings. Each month we will have one meeting to discuss a seminal paper and then another to discuss Ogden’s interpretation of that text. Please join us as we think together about Searles' “Oedipul Love in the Countertransference.”

This group will meet two Sundays in August: Aug 4th & 18th.

Beyond the Consulting Room: A Conversation with John Beebe, M.D.

Inspired by Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio, NCSPP’s Pre-licensed Clinicians Committee invites you to the 13th in a series of conversations with senior clinicians in the field of psychoanalytic psychology. Join your colleagues for a stimulating evening of food, wine, and conversation with Dr. John Beebe in the warmth of a private home in San Francisco. Dr. Beebe will share his professional journey in conversation with Jason Butler, Ph.D.

Deconstructing the Modern Family: Exploring the Inner Lives of Working Mothers, Babies, and Childcare Providers

The end of the 20th century ushered in a new era of women working outside the home.  Now commonplace in the 21st century, women are both full-time professionals and full-time mothers; a dual role that ultimately requires that a 3rd party - in the form of nanny, preschool teacher or family daycare provider–enter the family.


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