Presence, Absence, and Dread: Exploring the Multitudes of Loss in the Clinical Hour

Managing loss is a complicated and intense process and one that brings people  — directly or indirectly — into treatment. What if what has been lost cannot be seen, cannot be found? This course will explore this world:  the inability to mourn one’s own internal objects. These tenacious internal losses include those who are ambivalent about separating; odes to the dead mother (and the dead father); those who are the receptacles for other's unprocessed loss; and those who try to protect themselves from managing pain by cutting themselves off from any real, alive feeling within.

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Who was it that said theory is for when we can't think?  It gives us a set of conceptual tools and references for when we face the unknown.  Our graduate training has been focused on learning theory and putting it into practice, and yet there is a notable unknown that looms as we face the transition from student to professional.  Most of us need tools and reference to navigate that space.  Please join a group of panelists of early career professionals, as we discuss licensure, setting up a private practice, finding a job or a postdoctoral position, and more.

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