Annual Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy Event 2016

Join NCSPP and PCPG for a special event to introduce the innovative Latin American psychoanalytic model called Link Theory to the San Francisco Bay Area psychoanalytic community. Our visiting scholar, Monica Vorchheimer, is an award-winning training and supervising psychoanalyst and couple psychotherapist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She will describe the historical background and theoretical concepts that constitute this rich and unique approach to understanding relationships.

Difference Matters

Difference Matters! At this time in history, psychotherapists are met with incredible diversity in our offices and clinics. We will consider culture, race, ethnicity, and immigration from a psychoanalytic viewpoint, and attend to the implications and influences of such difference(s) on the therapist and patient. We will also consider traumas that are embedded in racialized histories, and the need to locate them in the countertransference and articulate them.

Mentalization-Based Treatment SB

Mentalization, or mentalizing, is a concept introduced into neuroscience and psychoanalytic thinking to denote the fundamental human capacity to understand our own and others’ minds as minds. Early disruptions in attachment and later trauma can interrupt this critical developmental function and result in psychopathology, most notably disorders of self-experience. Participants will learn MBT theory and techniques that can be applied to their present work. Clinical vignettes, including videos of MBT in action, will be used to translate theory into practice.

Beyond the Consulting Room: A Conversation with Kaisa Puhakka, Ph.D.

NCSPP’s Pre-licensed Clinicians Committee invites you to the 18th in a series of conversations with senior clinicians in the field of psychoanalytic psychology. Join your colleagues for a stimulating evening of food, wine, and conversation with Kaisa Puhakka, Ph.D., who will discuss her experience working in the divergent worlds of transpersonal and psychoanalytic psychology and the complex interface of Buddhism and psychoanalysis.

Breaking Point

In this presentation, acclaimed social justice activist and psychiatrist Terry Kupers will examine the practice of solitary confinement through a psychoanalytic lens, stimulating thought and discussion about current practices of punishment within the correctional system. Dr. Kupers’s presentation will highlight the psychological devastation wrought by the experience of solitary confinement and the invisibility of the disenfranchised within the broader culture.

The Paradox of Sexual Freedom

American women in early adulthood may seem uniquely poised to successfully navigate the complexities of sexuality and relationships — they have had more opportunities, more positive role models, and more information than previous generations. And yet, young women still struggle to navigate sexual and relational desire and pleasure. This class will provide psychotherapists with an understanding of this new and unique developmental period for women, with a particular focus on Klein’s and Benjamin’s notion of splitting.

Crisis and Growth

An “open secret in our world,” wrote philosopher Stanley Cavell, “is that we do not know what legitimizes either divorce or marriage.” As psychotherapists, we seek to help people sort out dilemmas of sustained commitment, while sharing in the prevailing cultural uncertainty. This course provides a grounding in current theories of adult development and couple development as a means for considering the normative crises and challenges of long-term relationships, including feelings of disconnection and deadness, affairs and infatuations, addictive behaviors, and aging.


Join NCSPP for an exclusive viewing and reception with artist Eric Goodfield, as we explore his photographs from a psychoanalytic perspective. Nicole Hsiang will open the discussion with her observations about the work.

Annual Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy Event 2014

Join us for a stimulating, educational day with our visiting scholar from Edinburgh, Scotland, Molly Ludlam, M.A., a distinguished clinician and writer in the field of psychoanalytic couple psychotherapy, and the Editor in Chief of the journal, Couple and Family Psychoanalysis. Ms. Ludlam will discuss the work of W.R.D. Fairbairn (1889-1964), the Scottish psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. In the morning session, Dr. Leora Benioff will discuss Molly Ludlam’s paper, and in the afternoon, Ms. Ludlam will give a clinical case presentation of a couple. Audience members will then meet in small groups with PCPG faculty members to discuss how to integrate Fairbairn’s theories into clinical practice with couples.

Dehumanization: From Trauma to Treatment

In this course, we will explore the theory and practice of witnessing and acknowledgment in the clinical hours. We will consider how a focus on rehumanization elevates witnessing to equal status with insight and interpreting, and how this shift can move psychotherapy into territory beyond inner conflict and relational deficit. This course aims to address the theory and practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy within a sociopolitical context.


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