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by Nicholas Hack, Psy.D.

I’ve spent 2022 listening for silences.

At the start of the year our Editor-In-Chief, June Lin-Arlow, invited Impulse contributors to think and write about silence. As somebody who spends quite a bit of time with each article and each issue, that invitation has frequently been at the front of my mind. As the year draws to a close and June’s tenure ends, I find myself reflecting on the impact that invitation has had in my clinical practice and personal life.

I tend to be curious about what’s not being said, but this year in particular I’ve noticed the presence of silence so much more. I’ve heard people describe an interior bodily silence, while at the same time having a skin-barrier that screams with information. I’ve heard others express fury about areas of life where there’s an absence of talking, for the deep terror and threat that it indicates an absence of thinking. I’ve felt more acutely the quality and textures of silences: when they feel warm, when they feel hostile, when they are shared, and when they are not. I’ve attended to silence as a void, where thinking and feeling can’t find a foothold, and where it has been a devouring blackhole, consuming aliveness and hope. I’ve also felt silence in the dyad as an awakening, like the quiet moment when one first opens their eyes.

In my personal life, I’ve found myself more aware of and curious about certain kinds of silences in groups. Why can one group talk about race but not sex? Why can another talk about personal trauma but not personal finance? I’ve also felt invited to take up the courage to break those silences and see what happens.




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by Rebekah Tinker, ASW


In grad school a professor told me I talked too much. I sat in the corner chair of her little office, scattered papers and boxes half full on the floor. I felt shocked, and honestly, judgmental. I remember thinking that her mind needed to slow down, that the state of her office was a clear reflection of that. I had walked into the meeting feeling confident about the client session we were discussing.

“Bekah, I want you to practice being silent.” Sure, sure, okay, I can do that. I already had a strong meditation practice, I knew about silence, so I wasn’t sure what she hoped to have happen.

“This isn’t meditation, I want you to be silent in an introspective way, in an intentional way, just listen, see what comes up.” I really didn’t like this assignment. I felt a bit nauseated/irritable about it. I felt frustrated with her for not considering the depth of inquiry and reflection I had brought into the session, frustrated because I didn’t feel like my intellect was being respected or heard.


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