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by Shlomit Gorin, MA

You're standing in line at the grocery store. Your eyes scan the magazine rack. Alongside breaking news about which celebrities have gained or lost weight are promises of both exterior and interior self-improvement, most likely enumerated and described as easy: 5 Quick Ways to Get Your Beach Bum Ready for Summer, 12 Effortless Ways to Show Her That You Care, 6 Simple Ways to Find the Love of Your Life. These titles frequently include "authentic" and use the same formula: X (Number) of Ways to Y (Get in Touch With, Find, Re-Discover, etc.) Your Authentic Self.

by Kristin Felch, PsyD

It's good to look up. Life can sometimes feel like a blur of work and family, not to mention student loan notices. Finding moments of inspiration can be difficult, a challenge not unlike a pile of papers you sincerely intend to read, and to read very soon. When a conference comes to town -- like a circus of magnificent characters and possibilities -- it can sweep us into a world of wonder. This past April, APA Division 39, the Division of Psychoanalysis, rolled its annual Spring Meeting into our town.

by Lorrie Goldin, LCSW, Impulse Staff Writer


Dr. Kenneth Hardy's recent presentation, "Race and Trauma in Contemporary Society", sponsored by The Psychotherapy Institute, came at an opportune time. Baltimore was reeling from Freddie Gray's death, and six police officers had just been criminally charged. "Trauma pulverizes our regulatory mechanism," Hardy remarked.

by Ripple Patel, MA

Why I Never Wrote About My Patients. A psychoanalyst reflects on the relationship between her clinical and literary pursuits.

The 12 Things Freud Got Right. A Huffington Post blogger affirms the ongoing relevance of Freud's key ideas.

The Psychoanalytic Activist. This online newsletter posts articles on the intersection of psychoanalysis and social issues.


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