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by Sydney Tan, PsyD

On they went, beneath the lonely night,
through the desolate halls and empty kingdom of death:
like a path through a wood at daybreak,
under an uncertain moon, where Jupiter has buried the sky
in shadow, and black night snatches the color from things.
There at the entrance, in the foremost jaws of hell
grief and avenging troubles lay their beds;
pallid malady dwells there, and sad old age too,
and dread, and ill-advising hunger, and vile need,
forms frightful to perceive: death and toil
then death’s brother sleep, and evil pleasures of the soul,
and, on the opposite threshold, deadly war,
and the iron chamber of the Furies, and raving discord,
her snaky hair bound up in blood-stained ribbons.
In the middle, an enormous shadowy elm tree
spreading her ancient branches and boughs, the seat,
they say, that false dreams hold, clinging under each leaf.
And various other monsters stabled at the gates:
Centaurs, the bi-formed Scylla, hundred-handed Briareus,
and the Hydra of Lerna, hissing horrendously,
the Chimaera armed with a blazing fire,
Gorgons, Harpies, and the triple-bodied ghost, Geryon.
And here, Aeneas, seized by sudden terror, draws tight
his sword and presents its naked edge as they come,
And, if his learned companion had not warned him
these were but thin lifeless images flitting without form,
he would have rushed them, and in vain struck empty shadows with his sword.

—Virgil, The Aeneid, translated from the Latin by Sydney Tan

by Jacqueline De Lon, MFT


SFCP invites postgraduate, pre-licensed clinicians, as well as licensed clinicians in the early-to-mid-stages of their career to join our San Francisco Yearlong Continuous Case Conference led by five SFCP psychoanalysts. The case conference is designed to be a gathering place where clinicians come together and form a work group to present, listen to, and reflect on clinical material from active cases shared by the group members. This is an opportunity for participants to experience how theory and practice come alive in the consulting room and to benefit from the extensive collective experience of the group leaders.

If you choose, this is also an opportunity to become part of the SFCP network, form supportive professional relationships within the cohort, and discover new opportunities for involvement and learning within our SFCP community.

This case conference will be facilitated by:
Jacqueline De Lon, MFT: Oct 12, 2018 – Nov 16, 2018 (no meeting on Nov 23)
Catherine Mallouh, MD: Nov 30, 2018 – Jan 18, 2019 (no meetings on Dec 28, Jan 4)
Eric Glassgold, MD: Jan 25 – Mar 1, 2019
Walt Beckman, PhD: Mar 8 – Apr 12, 2019 (no meeting on Apr 19)
Beth Steinberg, PhD: Apr 26 – June 7, 2019 (no meeting on May 17)

Analytic Flicks: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? This article explores "Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood" and the recent film "Won’t You Be My Neighbor" from the perspective of a child psychoanalyst.

Game of Thrones: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation Including Some Remarks on the Psychosocial Function of Modern TV Series. This article will be available without a fee on Taylor & Francis Online for a time, and explores the social structures from which totalitarianism and other systems of power come to be through the lens of Game of Thrones. The paper also addresses the function of modern television in our psychic relationships.

Sigmund Freud to Hunt Down a Serial Killer in New Netflix TV Series. Staying with the theme of visual media in this month’s Psychoanalysis in the News, Netflix has a new TV series from Austria set to begin production in the fall. I wonder who the historical consultant was...

by Shannon Rogers, MFT


White Lies: Four Voices Working Across the Impossibility (and Possibilities) to Speak of Race and Immigration Within Psychoanalysis
Sue Saperstein, MFT, PsyD; Jimena Marti Haik, MA; Stephanie Chen, PhD; Nikkia Young, PhD
Fridays, September 14 – October 19
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
San Francisco

Missing in Action: The Analyst's Intersubjective Collision
with Unsymbolized Thought and Unrepresented Mental States
Rose Gupta, PsyD, LCSW; Mali A. Mann, MD
Saturday, September 22
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
San Francisco
This event will be live streamed.


MENTALIZATION-BASED TREATMENT SUPERVISION GROUP. Starting September 2018 with Starr Kelton-Locke, PhD, PsyD. One Saturday (12–2pm) and Friday (9–10:50am) each month. Kentfield, CA. $100 per person. 6-month commitment requested. Information: or (415) 453-2782.

TRAINING DIRECTOR. Counseling & Psychological Services Center at Holy Names University is seeking a Training Director for a psychoanalytically informed practicum training program. 12 hours/week. Duties include weekly didactic, case conference, 3 hours of individual supervision, program/curriculum development, etc. Ideal candidate will have background in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and interest in training young clinicians. Please contact Dr. Judy Curtis at or 510-436-1530.

QUIET, LIGHT OFFICE WITH A VIEW OF MT. TAMALPAIS. Beautiful garden entrance into the building. Psychoanalytic couch in office. Available up to half time. Please call Terry Schulman at (510) 655-3975. 

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