Presidents Remarks

by Karisa Barrow, PsyD
As we approach the holiday season and the results of a newly elected president of the United States, I can only hope that our country is moving progressively and socially forward. I cannot bear to think that the Democratic Party's recent participation in the "narcissism of small differences," a term coined by Freud, would result in a Trump victory. It is quite concerning and frightening that someone as pathologically abusive as Donald Trump has made it this far. The political discourse over the past year has served to perpetuate sexism, racism, ableism, and xenophobia while reinforcing elitism.
Though many of us may want to pack our bags and flee north to Canada or south to Mexico, the reality is, that is not likely to happen. Hopefully, we will be able to momentarily sit back, put up our feet, and catch our breath before we head home to our loved ones for the holidays. We may also have to brace ourselves for a difficult holiday season--wrestling with familial conflicts and fears of the future. One thing is certain: NCSPP will continue to foster a culture of working together for the greater good of the community.