President's Remarks

by Karisa Barrow, PsyD
As I lean into the role of NCSPP president on the heels of our annual retreat, I am enthusiastic about the future of our organization. Our dedicated board and committee volunteers are off to a fabulous start offering a range of programs and events for psychoanalytically minded folks. If you have not seen this amazing spring line-up, I encourage you to do so.
What's new? We are very excited to announce our new committee: Technology Special Projects Committee, led by Jason Brand, LCSW. We are going to be making diligent efforts to increase accessibility to our programs and events.
What is our challenge? We have noticed a growing disconnect between our senior mentors and colleagues and our early- and mid-career clinicians. This is problematic for many reasons. We need our seniors to provide modeling of the value of psychoanalytic thought in a climate that is densely clouded by "evidenced-based proof." How are we going to do this? I invite any seasoned clinician who is a part of our psychoanalytic community-at-large to contact me to discuss how we can address this issue.
What's next? I look forward to staying connected with all of you in the coming year and wish you the best health.