Summer is already winding down as fast as it came. My fantasies of warm, relaxing, endless vacations are starting to wane. I find my thoughts already (tragically) moving into the fall, and it is not even the end of the summer! But, as September approaches, I anticipate a great year ahead for NCSPP. I want to bring to your attention our ISG line-up for 2008-2009. By now, you have received our bright green ISG brochure, highlighting course offerings for the San Francisco/East Bay and the Peninsula/South Bay Intensive Study Groups. Please take a moment to go to our website,, and review the course descriptions. The San Francisco/East Bay ISGs will explore the rich terrain of transference/countertransference and its vicissitudes. Our South Bay ISG will continue its series, "From Inspiration to Interpretation," delving into psychoanalytic literature amidst the in-depth and specific atmosphere of a study group. If you were putting off joining an ISG, we have stellar faculty this year and are privileged to have such high caliber instruction and facilitation.

What we offer at NCSPP is somewhat unique as we are the largest local chapter of Division 39 in the country with over 650 members. Many local chapters struggle to stay alive. Here we are in this beautiful landscape (both geographically and metaphorically) not only quite alive but thriving. With your support, we continue to offer contemporary educational opportunities with some of the best psychoanalytic minds on the continent. I feel privileged to be a part of this experience and encourage you to participate on whatever level is workable for you. If you have thoughts or suggestions, please contact me, I am always open to them.

Continue to enjoy the remainder of summer. Have a long cool iced tea and pleasant dreams.

Warm regards,
Drew Tillotson, Psy.D.
NCSPP President