NCSPP's Corner

by Elise Geltman, LCSW


Our attention as psychoanalytically minded individuals is often aimed at considering what is unbearable, sent away, or disappeared. We know that what is repressed will likely re-present itself for consideration and working through. We also know that each troubled return is an opportunity. As evidenced by current events, there is a painful repetition in our society, as in the individual, around power, difference, fear, and injustice. What does psychoanalysis have to contribute to our understanding of current realities? The Education Committee invites proposals for Fall 2016/Spring 2017 courses that consider social struggles and/or dialogues through a psychoanalytic lens.

Each of us has an enduring need for play in addition to the serious and the political. While we sort through shadow and struggle, pleasure and vitality resource our capacities. Thus, the Education Committee is also seeking proposals for courses that explore creativity, the body, and the many ways we attempt to reach each other. Lastly, too much memory and desire can deaden experience; therefore, we invite you to submit a proposal for a course on anything you feel is relevant and inspiring.

Please review the course proposal information on NCSPP’s website and submit your proposal(s) by the end of September.