Event Spotlight

by Megan Rundel, PhD


Division 39 Spring Meeting, San Francisco
Wednesday, April 22
1-4 pm
3 CE Credits 

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy values spontaneity, play, reverie, and receptivity, but how do we as clinicians cultivate these qualities?

In this introductory workshop, psychoanalyst and Zen teacher Megan Rundel, PhD, will explore play with Zen koans for psychotherapists. Koans are Zen dialogues and poetry that serve as can openers for consciousness and help access layers of the mind that promote creativity and flexibility.  

After an introduction on how to work with koans, we will spend time meditating with koans in mind, and work together as a group to inquire into our experience with them. We will work to cultivate nonverbal, emotional, sensory, intuitive, and relational responses to our koan inquiry. 

No experience with koans or meditation is necessary, but curiosity and an open mind are helpful.

For more information or to register, go to http://apadivisions.org/division-39/news-events/events/spring-meeting/.