In this year's Peninsula/South Bay ISG, "Pathways of Desire: Awakening, Creating, Subverting, and Perverting," we will explore desire in its many manifestations, from the consulting room to the culture. We will begin with the creation and awakening of desire in the mother/infant relationship. Please join our faculty, Drs. Brian Feldman, Sue Saperstein, Stephen Hartman, and Martine Aniel, as we look deeply into how desire emerges in one's mind in a healthy form and can become perverted along the way.

This fall, the Peninsula/South Bay Committee is also introducing a three-month series, "Preparing the Field for Play: Working Analytically with Children, Adolescents and their Parents." Analysts Mary Jane Otte, Paul Alexander, and Peter Carnochan will discuss how they organize the initial phase of treatment and conceptualize the child or family's clinical issues. The class will also explore the various transference configurations that evoke primitive states in each member in the field.

For more information visit our website: www.ncspp.org.