We at IMPULSE are expanding our volunteer staff in an effort to bring you more content each month. We would like to welcome aboard, as staff writers, Jane Reingold, Blair Davis, Mark McKinley, and Elizabeth Bradshaw. Mark, Elizabeth, Blair, and Jane are excited to capture in writing some of the richness of our psychoanalytic community. Who knows where their curiosity might lead them? In coming issues you will find their articles under a new feature entitled Potential Space.

With new content comes a need for help with editing and oversight. IMPULSE is currently seeking an Editor for the Potential Space feature. This editor will be responsible for coordinating the writing schedule among our four new staff writers and editing this feature each month to ensure a level of consistency. Being part of our team is a great way to raise your visibility in the community, as well as a way to expand your network of contacts, not to mention fulfilling Erikson's generativity vs. stagnation phase-of-life requirement. If you pride yourself on your editing skills and want to contribute, please contact me

Matthew Morrissey, MFT