Seeking Board and Committee Members!

NCSPP enthusiastically welcomes new committee members for our various organizing committees. To find out more about our Committee and/or Board of Directors positions, please contact us here.

Within our organization, board, and committee members play an essential role in steering NCSPP’s culture, policies, and mission toward broadening inclusion, representation, diversity, equity, and access. We are intent on creating change within our organization and positively impacting the field of analytically-informed theory and practice. As such, we invite any new members to strongly consider their commitment to our shared social justice mission in addition to fulfilling the duties specific to each role. We also have fun, keep things playful, and remain invested in building out a welcoming and safe personal and professional home.

You are invited to sit in and observe any Board of Directors or Committee meetings if you are considering joining this community, and questions about specific efforts and goals are very welcome. Please see below for a description of our open Executive Committee and Board of Directors roles.

Open Executive Committee Officer Positions

President Elect: The office of President-Elect is charged with observing, learning about and preparing to take over the position of President.  In this role, the President-Elect functions as an officer on the Board of Directors, whose function it is to oversee the fiscal and organizational management of NCSPP.  In addition, the President-Elect assists the President in managing the board business and in fostering communication and relationships on the Board and between NCSPP and other psychoanalytic or community organizations.  The President-Elect is responsible for ensuring that Board positions are filled for the coming year and for planning the annual retreat, which occurs after the term of the Presidency begins. For more information on this position, please reach out to the current President, Willow Banks.

Open Board of Directors Positions

Chair, Intensive Study Group The Intensive Study Group Committee oversees the year-long ISG in San Francisco and the East Bay. The ISGs are co-sponsored by PINC. Each fall, the committee puts on an Introductory Event featuring invited guest lecturers who speak to theoretical and clinical themes related to the current subject of the ISG. This event is open to all.

Chair, Membership & Community Events Committee The Membership and Community Events Committee is responsible for creating the membership directory, providing orientation for new members, encouraging renewal in expiring members, and developing projects that will strengthen and broaden our membership base. In addition, this committee works to create gatherings throughout the year where NCSPP members can meet and get to know one another. From social and networking events to the Annual Holiday Party, the focus is on engendering relationships and helping our membership to stay connected.

Chair, Pre-licensed Clinician Members Committee The Pre-licensed Clinician Members Committee focuses on outreach to Bay Area psychology students and brings NCSPP-affiliated psychologists to local graduate schools. The committee focuses on supporting professional development, as well as fostering community-building and networking among the next generation of psychoanalytic psychotherapists.

Chair, Program Committee The Program Committee is responsible for the Annual Lecture and for the presentation of various Scientific Meetings. An internationally known analyst gives the Annual Lecture, while the Scientific Meetings generally feature the work of local psychoanalysts and others who are developing new ways of thinking about psychoanalysis.