A sense of despair overtook our local psychoanalytic community following the closing of the psychoanalytic training programs and community clinics at Mt. Zion and McAuley Institute. These traumatic endings amid the climate of HMO limits, "manualized" therapy, and graduate programs cutting psychoanalytic coursework had many wondering if community-based psychoanalytic treatment and training had any future. I'm proud to say that our community didn't succumb to the pull of hopelessness but instead came together to create Access Institute

Hundreds of you from all corners of the psychoanalytic community and beyond have given time, money, and psychical support to establish a community clinic that will serve hundreds of patients and provide over 7000 hours of psychotherapy to low-income San Franciscans this year. Eighteen interns are now enrolled in the intensive two-year psychoanalytically oriented training program that integrates rigorous didactics, supervision, and clinical work with a diverse inner-city population. Unlike most community clinics, Access offers long-term treatments that may take place more than once a week.

Access Institute owes its success to many who believe passionately in psychoanalytic treatment and training. This program and others like it will flourish as long we can keep that passion and the generous spirit that springs from it alive. We look forward to deepening our connection to the community, and we hope to see you at Spectrum 3, our annual art auction/fundraiser, on Sunday, October 16.

Bart Magee, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Access Institute for Psychological Services