NCSPP's Corner

by Loong Kwok, PsyD
The NCSPP Board invites current graduate students and pre-licensed clinicians to submit original papers to be considered for our Annual Student Paper Award. The winning author will be published in the NCSPP journal, fort da, and receive a $250 award.
We invite papers that contain original thinking and creatively address topics from a psychoanalytic perspective. They may be theoretical or clinical, and should make use of psychoanalytic concepts to further the author's argument. The integration of psychoanalytic theory with clinical material should extend beyond case reporting to include theoretical or technical hypotheses. Papers will be judged on psychoanalytic content, writing ability and style, integration of theoretical concepts, and original thinking.
The submission deadline is Friday, October 29, 2017. Send submissions, cover letters, and a brief biography with your contact information (for the purpose of blind review, do not include your name on the paper) to Loong Kwok, at