Psychoanalysis In the News

by Molly Merson, MFT
Freud's DiscontentsThe relevance and application of Freud's theories extend beyond understanding individual pathology into the realms of collective power and politics. Why, then, has the influence of these theories and ways of thinking drifted out of contemporary psychology? How can understanding Freud's history help revitalize psychoanalysis to support our work in this uncertain political and social climate?
The Original "Nasty Woman." The myth of Medusa is used as a cultural signifier to describe how powerful, thinking women are silenced, ostracized, and aggressed upon in the name of misogyny, fear, and oppression.
Susie Orbach: The Poetry of TherapySusie Orbach beautifully shares the idiosyncratic poetry of the therapeutic hour and the therapeutic relationship. She eloquently describes how the experience of bearing and facing our own conflicts in treatment can break old patterns and lead to something transformational.