Psychoanalytic Leader Dies at 97. Past American Psychoanalytic Association and International Psychoanalytic Association President Dr. Leo Rangell has died at the age of 97. Dr. Rangell dedicated his life to psychoanalysis, argued against fads in the field, and published more than 450 articles and several books.

Weiner's Sexting Symptom of "Type-T" Personality. According to Temple University professor and past APA president Frank Farley, many politicians have "Type-T" risk-taking personalities, for better or for worse.

Dream Conference Held in Netherlands. Featured at the 28th International Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, June 24-28 in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, were more than 160 presenters from 29 countries embracing a broad range of dreamwork disciplines.

Volunteers Counsel Morgue Visitors. NPR radio show segment describes a program founded by psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Bruce Sklarew, M.D., to provide on-site and follow-up therapy to those who have had to identify bodies of loved ones at the Washington, D.C. morgue.

The Dilemma of When Patients Deny Their Diagnoses. Should a patient have to accept his or her mental health diagnosis? Read an abstract from The New Yorker or listen to an audio program debating this issue.