The Need for Neuroscience. At a recent talk for the American Psychoanalytic Association, Nobel laureate Eric Kandel urged the field of psychoanalysis to look to neuroscience to remain vital.

Talk Doesn't Pay: Psychiatrists Dump Therapy for Meds Management. A symptom of the changing face of health care--including mental health care--is the fact that most psychiatrists no longer do talk therapy, as reported by the New York Times.

University of Dreams. The University of Essex is conducting a creative study on the dreams of its students and staff to explore the dream life of its community and examine the unconscious life of the university at a moment in time.

Magical Thinking Is Reason Behind Collecting Memorabilia. As reported by the New York Times, Yale psychologists have found that the reason people will pay big bucks for celebrity cast-offs is that they hope to magically capture some of the celeb's essence.