Psychoanalysis In the News

by Molly Merson, MFT
Saving Sigmund: Psychoanalysts Fight to Make Their Profession Relevant. How can psychoanalysis stay relevant in an era of randomized controlled trials, a billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, and with an aging practitioner population? Psychoanalysts weigh in.
Inside the Making of Mulholland Drive, David Lynch's Dark, Freudian MasterpieceDream narrative, pseudo-narrative, and deadly eroticism all intertwine in Mulholland Drive, where director David Lynch seems to command something mysterious, confusing, demonic, and irresistible within his actors and the film's audience.
Why Does Pakistan's Horror Pulp Fiction Stereotype 'the Hindu'? Dominant ideology relies on popular narrative to perpetuate its message and reinforce its power, often including a Kristevan/Lacanian rejection of the "not I" in order to define and strengthen the "I." In this way, Pakistan's horror pulp fiction genre reinforces a simplistic, stereotypical Hindu-Muslim incompatibility narrative, overlooking the complex political and social history of India and Pakistan.