Psychoanalysis in the News

by Ripple Patel

The Rise and Fall of Wilhelm ReichVice blogger Jason Louv revisits the turbulent life of Wilhelm Reich, whose controversial body-centered theories and experiments provoked FDA agents to burn his books and dismantle his laboratory with axes.

Emory Looks at Hollywood: A Psychoanalysis of Superman. In an entertaining five-minute segment, Emory professor Jared Defife, Ph.D. muses on the major psychological underpinnings of Clark Kent's character. His separate commentaries on Jay Gatsby and Bruce Wayne (of the Batman narrative) are equally thought-provoking.

Betty Joseph, Famed British Psychoanalyst, Dies at 96This Telegraph obituary succinctly reviews the life and work of Betty Joseph, whose writings facilitated the discipline's shift in emphasis from content-based interpretation to process-based inquiry.