Psychoanalytic Treatment Incandescent in Winter 

The AP wire from mid-November carried a story, in which we can take heart. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, First Lady of France, came out to the world about the critical importance of her own analysis. Even more encouraging is the context in which Bruni-Sarkozy spoke. She was featured in the French documentary La Premire Sance (The First Session), which recently aired on French television and was directed by psychoanalyst Grard Miller.

How fitting that psychoanalysis has a moment in the spotlight as the days grow darker. How fitting that Bruni-Sarcozy commented to the world press that her analytic contact was incandescent. What wonderful timing for me that, as I write my last President's Remarks, I can recount a success for a wider cultural appreciation of psychoanalysis. 

Certainly there is no lack of appreciation for analytic theory here in the Bay Area. Id like for us all to have more chances to engage with each other. I hope succeeding issues of IMPULSE will have news closer to home. I invite you to have someone from your organization tell us about your programs current achievements, new directions, honors, etc. NCSPP wants to develop a forum for keeping us all au courant, not just with news from France, but with news from our local, analytically oriented neighbors. For guidelines, please email us.

It has been an honor to serve such a vibrant organization. Our Holiday bash is in just a few days. I look forward to sharing a delightful celebration and hope to see you there. 

Warm regards,

Melissa Holub, Ph.D.
NCSPP President