IMPULSE was launched five years ago with a particular vision. In addition to sharing relevant NCSPP news, we wanted to put into action NCSPP's ability to offer an umbrella to the psychoanalytically interested community in the Bay Area. Our monthly Appointment Book column is the first community-wide calendar of its kind. As part of our umbrella function, I am dedicating this President's Report to a snippet of news from each of three programs in the local analytic community. I may be able to provide information about other programs in future issues of IMPULSE. If your analytically oriented grad school, institute, or training program is interested, please contact me for some basic publishing guidelines.

Access Institute has been selected as the new institutional home for the psychoanalytic research tool, The Scales of Psychological Capacities (SPC) developed by Robert Wallerstein and colleagues. Access Institute will be in charge of training researchers in the use of the measure, and we hope to begin use of the SPC to research our patients' outcomes in psychoanalytic therapy. Access Institute will be honoring Robert and Judith Wallerstein for their contributions to psychoanalysis at our annual event in October. 

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is expanding its Couples Therapy Program, with senior clinicians providing excellent training and supervision in this area. CPMC has openings for couples now and provides services on a sliding scale (down to $33.00 per session). For details, click here

PINC (Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California) celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year and became a full component Society of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) at the Association's Congress this July. PINC is one of seven independent institutes in the United States that are component members of the IPA. Five PINC candidates and about fifteen PINC analysts presented papers at the Congress. 

Congratulations to Access and PINC for their achievements! I am looking forward to hearing from other analytically oriented programs. Over time, we'd like to make a permanent place in Impulse for such community updates.

Warm regards,

Melissa Holub, Ph.D.
NCSPP President