Presidents Remarks

by Elise Geltman, LCSW
The election was about fear, privilege, and power. Recent studies and statistical analysis help make this more visible -- but we already knew this, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Much of the post-election dialogue surrounded the poor, disenfranchised, white voter who reportedly "wasn't motivated by race" and was "just focused on his or her survival and unmet needs." Although these interpretations are not mutually exclusive, conversations often took on a tone of either-or. I heard this in the media, on the street, and in some of my conversations with analysts and analytic therapists.  
It is with this in mind that I invite you to attend our annual lecture with Dr. Kimberlyn Leary on May 6th in Berkeley. Dr. Leary's practice and research interests include first impressions in shaping dialogues, building relationships that promote change, healing after conflict, framing productive dialogue in cultural conflicts, and the role and value of emotion in negotiation. Her published works address psychoanalysis, negotiation and mediation, leadership, race, stereotypes, and inclusion. PEP-Web lists 22 articles written by Dr. Leary, of which I have selected a few to highlight below. I hope you will join us for this timely opportunity to think deeply about how we come together, what we do when we are together, and why being together is an adaptive challenge.
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