President's Remarks

by Shannon Dubach, PsyD

As the twenty-eighth president of NCSPP, I am struck by our rich history of dedication to sharing ideas, thoughts, and enthusiasm for psychoanalytically oriented theory and application. Twenty-eight years ago, a group of like-minded clinicians founded NCSPP in the spirit of inclusion and with a commitment to growing a professional home for Bay Area clinicians. Three years later, NCSPP founders and others established the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC) as an institute providing full analytic training to mental health professionals of all disciplines. Today, NCSPP and other psychoanalytic organizations, training programs, and institutes offer a wide range of educational, professional, and community-building opportunities in the Bay Area. Through delving into previous publications, speaking to past NCSPP presidents, and connecting with NCSPP founders, two themes have emerged. First, there has always been a commitment to understanding, questioning, and developing psychoanalytic theory and its application. Second, there is an ongoing desire to create, provide, and sustain a professional home for psychoanalytic clinicians. 

How can we best provide and build this professional home? NCSPP is well organized to provide courses, workshops, and events that stimulate psychoanalytic thinking. We are working to broaden and strengthen our relationships with Bay Area institutes and psychoanalytic training programs. Additionally, we provide opportunities for social connection and celebration of our dedication to analytic ideas and challenges. My hope is that by the time you have read these remarks, you will have attended the Division 39 Spring Meeting and will be replete with ideas about what works and what doesn't, what you crave more of and can do without, and how you want to spend your precious time in building our professional community. In order to gather your ideas, we will distribute the NCSPP Membership Survey this month. When this survey lands in your inbox, please take a few minutes to complete it. Knowing your needs and wishes as NCSPP members will help us continue to build and sustain a professional psychoanalytic home that you find solid, enriching, and fulfilling.