Presidents Remarks

by Karisa Barrow, PsyD
Well, it happened. Trust that many of us are experiencing symptoms related to trauma. This is true especially in my practice because the overwhelming majority of my patients are minorities. It has been a harrowing week in my work with my patients, who I love, as well as for myself and my family. We seem to be moving through rapid cycles of grief. I hope that as psychoanalytic practitioners and students, we make use of our teaching principles, and afford ourselves the opportunity to process and contain these intense fears as we face many uncertainties. I will speak for the board and our upcoming leadership by saying we will continue to champion diversity in all social forms. We will fight and not tolerate hate toward social minority groups. In the meantime, I will hold my cisgendered, educated, white self accountable by rolling up my sleeves and weaving activism into every step of my day. Additionally, I will make considerable efforts to repair my hurt with Jobama memes and whatever else it takes.  
On another note, we are coming to the end of another year. This is the last column I will write as the president of NCSPP. I would like to take a moment to thank our board members and their committees for their generous contributions in time and energy to support our mission through delivery of publications as well as through social and programming events. I also hope we continue to strengthen our membership's participation and what we provide collectively, independent of the small differences between our local psychodynamic/psychoanalytic training institutes. It has been a humbling yet rewarding year. It has also been a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful organization of colleagues with talented and gifted minds. I look forward to seeing you all at the holiday party.