An important aspect of NCSPP's current mission is continuing to bring psychoanalysis into the world and reach out to other disciplines. On Saturday, October 28, NCSPP will present a program titled Unveiled: Shame, Identity, Gender and Iranian Cinema, the latest in the "Out of the Tower/Off of the Couch" series organized by the Interdisciplinary Education Committee. In keeping with the goal of the committee and the series, this event will bring together academia, contemporary film, cross-cultural exploration and psychoanalysis in a fresh and penetrating forum.

Seeing and being seen are among the most universal of human experiences. But what internal and external motives may prompt us to avert our gaze or hide our faces? These and other questions pertaining to personal, cultural and political dimensions of seeing will be considered at this program. Featuring discussions by Professor Joan Copjec (SUNY-Buffalo), Professor Negar Mottahedeh (Duke) and Dr. Mali Mann (SFPI), and including a screening of Abbas Kiarostami's film "Ten" (2002), this conference aims to consider shame and gender in clinical, cinematic and cultural contexts, with particular reference to contemporary Iran and the Iranian diaspora community. Just as importantly, we aim to test the viability of discourse among psychoanalysts, therapists, academics and members of outreach communities, especially in a time of international controversy when the always-present risk of caricature or cultural appropriation of "the other" is at its greatest. 

I invite you hope all to join us for what promises to be a lively, informative and provocative presentation.

Unveiled: Shame, Identity, Gender and Iranian Cinema 
Saturday, October 28, 2006, 9 am - 5 pm 
Berkeley Art Museum Theater, 2621 Durant Avenue, Berkeley

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Beth Steinberg, Ph.D.
President, NCSPP