Hundreds of Bay Area clinicians and interested others attend NCSPP courses and events each year. The benefits of being a part of NCSPP, however, extend beyond our educational offerings. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about two new benefits of NCSPP membership.

This fall, NCSPP is launching a new "consultation benefit" that entitles all licensed NCSPP members to one hour of pro bono consultation. This service, which will be provided by senior psychoanalytic clinicians from our community, is intended to forge and deepen relationships between members, as well as improve the quality of the clinical services we all provide. If you are interested in receiving or providing consultation through this new service, please watch for an upcoming announcement of the program's launch. Information about it will also be available on our website.

Also with the objective of helping members get to know each other outside the context of formal educational programming, NCSPP is offering a series of informal events this year. The next is a "new member" dinner scheduled for Thursday, November 4th. This will be held at a restaurant in the East Bay and will be open to new members and existing members interested in welcoming new colleagues and reconnecting with old ones.

Finally, I'd like to remind you of another benefit of NCSPP membership: discounted journal subscription rates for Psychoanalytic Dialogues and the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. I know that many of you subscribe to these journals, so be sure to put your NCSPP membership to full use by requesting our discount!

Best wishes for a productive and enjoyable fall season.

Warm regards,

Andrew Harlem, Ph.D.
President NCSPP