I begin by saying goodbye, and thank you, to Cleopatra Victoria. This newsletter was her brainchild. Her vision and creative spirit have inspired us to consider new ideas, play with the boundaries of psychoanalytic thinking, and expand our notion of community. It is a testament to her dedication and hard work that IMPULSE is now distributed to over 1800 psychoanalytic practitioners in the Bay Area. We are very grateful, Cleo!

The NCSPP board has begun the process of considering next steps for IMPULSE. We look forward to building upon its established features, including its invaluable calendar, in the months ahead. The mission to serve as a community newsletter one that speaks to all Bay Area psychoanalytic practitioners and organizations remains strong. While it will be impossible to replace Cleos unique voice on this page, we look forward to introducing new voices and perspectives. And, we invite your participation. If you have ideas or feedback youd like to share, please feel free to contact us.

The transition in IMPULSEs editorship brings to mind something about NCSPP that I find remarkable. We are regularly (constantly almost) saying hello and goodbye. Unlike many local Division 39 chapters and other organizations guided by long-term, established leaders, NCSPP finds direction from a new cast of characters each year or two. While this sometimes taxes our institutional memory, it also provides fertile ground for fresh and innovative ideas (like IMPULSE). New contributors come on board, devote their time and effort to our psychoanalytic community, and then make room for others to do the same. Meanwhile, despite the disruption of these constant changes, NCSPP continues to thrive. With that in mind, let me say that I am honored and ready to take my turn as NCSPP President in 2010.

Andrew Harlem, Ph.D.
NCSPP President