We have a remarkable psychoanalytic community in Northern California, comprising several analytic institutes as well as other centers of training such as The Psychotherapy Institute, professional societies such as NCSPP, treatment centers such as Access Institute and the Boyer House Foundation, and more. This e-newsletter itself was created as a clearinghouse for the entire community. The depth and variety of educational and training classes, lectures, workshops and the like presented each month bear testament to the vitality of this community. A glance below at APPOINTMENT BOOK will show something of the richness that is available.

While this e-newsletter does not preference any one organization, I would like to call your attention to two upcoming events offered by NCSPP, which I think are particularly exciting. (Of course, I'm biased.) Our South Bay/Peninsula Committee presents their annual symposium on April 28, featuring Jed Sekoff and Peter Goldberg. EntitledSavage Melancholia: Shame, Grief and Vengeance in Political Life and the Clinical Encounter, this symposium will examine links between internal and social forms of despair and shame which call forth violent reactions of vengefulness and retribution.

On May 5 we will also celebrate our 20th Annual Lecture, with Judith Mitrani speaking on Some Implications of the Work of Frances Tustin for the Psychoanalytic Treatment of Adult Patients. Mitrani will discuss clinical work with patients who use primitive, autistic mechanisms to protect themselves from unmentalized and primordial terrors.

These are only two of the many exciting and substantial offerings available in the coming months — but I think they are two really good ones!

Adam Kremen, Ph.D.
President, NCSPP