President's Remarks

by Terrance McLarnan, MFT
NCSPP is delighted to bring Dr. Anne Alvarez to the Bay Area for our Annual Lecture on May 10 at the David Brower Center. Among her contributions to psychoanalytic theory and technique are her two seminal books Live Companyand The Thinking Heart, which offer innovative ways of thinking about how we attempt to find the level of interpretation corresponding to our patients' functioning from one minute to the next. Built on her experience of failure to reach children with ordinary explanatory or locating interpretations, Alvarez will present a schema of three levels of analytic work and levels of psychopathology applicable to a wide range of cases.   NCSPP believes her presentation will provide you with inspirational theory and clinical thinking to complement your approach when working with challenging children and adults.
This year's Annual Lecture is presented in collaboration with the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis.  Both organizations seek to promote psychoanalytically informed treatment of troubled children, adolescents and their families. There is a paucity of such trainings in our area despite the focus of many of our practices and community mental health agencies' school-based programs on the treatment of these age groups. This commitment is a natural outgrowth of NCSPP's support of the Reflective Spaces / Material Places events and is an open invitation to partner with other like-minded clinical service providers to develop a wide range of analytic trainings for this important segment of our community. 

This event is currently sold out.  As such, registration is closed and we will not be offering registration online or at the door. 

If you would like to be placed on a wait-list for the event you may contact Michele McGuinness, NCSPP Administrator/ Registrar at