President's Remarks

by Mahima Muralidharan, Psy.D.

As I write my last column as President of NCSPP, I find myself reflecting on the vibrancy and the spirit of collaboration that has permeated the organization. For the past few years there has been active dialogue about the future of psychoanalytic thinking. NCSPP has made tremendous strides not just by pondering the important questions that arise about the relevance and usefulness of analytic thinking but also by actively creating spaces where analytic thought is made more accessible and inviting.  A crucial part of this endeavor has been to stay engaged in dialogue with each other and other organizations that share a similar goal.

I want to thank the NCSPP board, our administrator, Michele McGuinness, and our committee members for their tireless efforts, the endless hours of work, their enthusiasm and their eagerness to think creatively. Their capacity to persevere and engage is astounding.  We've faced many challenges as an organization this year and, as a child therapist my mind wanders to the term "resiliency". It's been a pleasure to see our organization thrive and continue to grow despite the challenges. It's been an honor to serve as President and I'm thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

I hope to see many of you at our annual Holiday Party on December 6th to celebrate the end of a fantastic year!