In my last column I touched on some of the projects the Board of NCSPP has been working on this year. In this column I'd like to describe some plans for the future. These follow our goals of promoting active participation in our community, providing frameworks for affiliation and for institutional identification to psychoanalytic practitioners who lack this in their professional lives, and providing education and structures for creative thinking on issues arising from all psychoanalytically-derived practice. We are especially interested in widening the scope of learning from psychoanalysis proper to psychoanalytic psychotherapy, because of the challenges that derive from adapting intensive psychoanalytic treatment to work with patients who may be able to meet only once a week, whose treatment is "managed" by an HMO, and the like.

Our future plans include: offering more classes and workshops on professional development; offering courses on professional writing; offering PEP to our membership; implementing an online directory and an online members' area; and continuing to facilitate more opportunities for interaction and active participation. (Along these lines, we have created two clinical interest groups centered on listserves, which we hope will eventually morph into whatever kind of organization their members would want.) We very much hope to find more ways to involve our more advanced members in providing teaching and mentoring, and we call on those of you who are interested to make yourselves known. We are exploring instituting consultation groups and case conferences; and we would love to create a group that is creatively thinking about issues in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Of course, we will continue with our current program, offering courses, workshops, seminars and lectures in as wide an area of the psychoanalytic sphere as we can.

Adam Kremen, Ph.D.
President, NCSPP