by: Mahima Muralidharan, Ph.D.

How do we reach a broader audience? That's the question on my mind as I take charge as the new President of NCSPP. As I ponder this question, I am struck by the history and significance of our organization. We have some powerful lessons to learn from our history. In a broad sense, NCSPP was created with a primary goal of being inclusive. Over the past several years, we have remained committed to this goal in many ways. As we embark on yet another year, it's time to make a clear statement about our purpose and vision. This coming year, NCSPP will strive to provide a space for dialogue, reflection, collaboration and action. Dr. Diane Swirsky, Past President of NCSPP, recently discussed the lack of diversity within psychoanalytic organizations and raised a question about our complacency (Impulse, September 2012). I believe that going back to our roots and thinking about our purpose will give us the answer.

In the past few days, I've had several conversations with my colleagues about the recent shootings in Connecticut. Why did it happen? What's the solution to the lack of mental health resources? Whop's responsible? Is gun control the answer? The list goes on ...

In the midst of all these questions that we struggle to answer and the differing viewpoints, the only thing that comforts me is our capacity to think together. I hope that our outreach and programming efforts this year will provide our members with many opportunities to think together. I feel honored to serve as the President of NCSPP and I am looking forward to an exciting year!

Mahima Muralidharan, Psy.D. 
NCSPP President