President Remarks

by Shannon Dubach, PsyD

Once a year, past NCSPP presidents gather to think about how NCSPP can meet our mission to encourage the interest, study, and practice of psychoanalytic psychology. Each year this group generates new ideas, and this year was no exception. We discussed creating a biennial conference in the Bay Area that would bring together experts from various disciplines to discuss clinical approaches and techniques, as well as theoretical perspectives, involved in "psychotherapy with another." By "another", we mean multiple marignalized social groups. The first of these conferences will focus on the theory, technique, and cultural requisites that strengthen work with LGBTQ adults, families, and youth.

In the Winnicottian sense, now it is time to play and to create, and we welcome anyone interested in helping to organize this conference. There are many questions: When shall we hold this conference? How long will it be? Who shall we include? Which formats will reach those interested in our topics? How do we create a playful environment that fosters creativity as we discuss work with LGBTQ individuals? If these or other related questions pique your interest, please email me at I look forward to working with a committed, forward-thinking group to answer these questions, clarify our goals, and shape our first biennial conference: "Psychotherapy with Another: Working with LGBTQ Adults, Families, and Youth."