The Center for Healthy Development (CHD) is a non-profit counseling agency that has provided long-term and low-fee psychotherapy in Santa Clara for more than 20 years while serving as a training facility for masters level interns who provide individual, couple, family and group therapy.

It is the mission of CHD to provide treatment to the segment of the local population who could not otherwise afford long-term treatment. CHD treats approximately 60-75 individual patients and holds 7 groups a week. CHD works closely with the Department of Family and Children's Services when children have been exposed to domestic violence and also with Family Court Services to assist children and their families when children have been impacted by highly conflicted custody disputes.

In the past several years, CHD has made a greater commitment to using the community-based model of the Tavistock Clinic. In this spirit, we wish to work more collaboratively with other psychoanalytic Bay Area organizations who work with similar populations. We invite such organizations to use our facilities to host classes, scientific meetings, or other events to promote analytic thinking in the South Bay.

Terrance McLarnan, MFT
Executive Director
The Center for Healthy Development