Piece of Mind

by Vivian Eskin, PhD  
The Contemporary Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy Program of New York (CPCPNYC), under the direction of Vivian Eskin, PhD, provides continuing education programs on a variety of topics related to psychoanalytic couple psychotherapy and psychoanalytic theory. Courses are recommended for all licensed mental health practitioners interested in learning about psychoanalytic thought, couple psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and technique. Meetings are accessible long-distance via videoconference, and CE credits are available to practitioners licensed in California.
Unique to CPCP of New York is that teaching and training are provided by highly experienced individual and couple psychotherapists and psychoanalysts who have extensive knowledge of and clinical experience in contemporary Freudian thought, contemporary Kleinian and British object relations theory, and the Tavistock method of psychoanalytic couple psychotherapy.
This fall, learn with Shelley Nathans, PhD; Robert Caper, MD; Robert Waska, LPCC, MFT, PhD; and other distinguished scholars in small groups.

Visit us and register online for courses at www.cpcpnyc.com/ce.