The James Whitney Clinic of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco has been providing low-fee depth psychotherapy since the 1940s. The clinic welcomes people of all ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations. Between 60 and 70 patients are seen at any given time. Therapy in many cases can be open ended, as analysts, candidates and interns are all involved in providing treatment. In addition, patients can be seen at frequencies greater than once weekly. Therapy is also available for couples.

Jungian therapy is unique in its focus upon complex theory and symbolic work with a view to the archetypal layer of the psyche. Contemporary Jungian work is also informed by a variety of psychoanalytic approaches. The British Jungians, through their close collaboration with Kleinians, have demonstrated the natural compatibility of a Jungian approach with a developmental perspective and Object Relations theory. Jungian therapy includes close attention to transference and countertransference. In addition, Jung, in discussing the idea that therapist and patient have a mutual impact upon each other, advanced the idea of intersubjectivity, a perspective that is very present in Jungian work.

The clinic is organized around a two-year predoctoral training program for psychology interns. Currently there are nine interns, including two international students from Poland and Hungary. Interns receive intensive supervision from three supervisors simultaneously, while providing an average of 12 clinical hours. They participate in case conferences and didactic seminars and have access to the many resources of the Jung Institute. Training involves an experience of the integration of the above diverse perspectives with the ultimate goal of the development of an individual style and the emergence of an analytic attitude. The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco is proud to bring the richness of the Jungian approach both to our patients and to the greater psychoanalytic community.

Jeffrey Swanger, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
The James Whitney Clinic of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco