The Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC) is a psychoanalytic training center for comparative psychoanalysis known for its intellectual vibrancy, inclusive organizational structure and innovative programs for the mental health community. Founded in 1989 as an independent institute, PINC is now a provisional Member Society of the International Psychoanalytic Association.

PINC offers a four-year curriculum of comparative classical and modern psychoanalytic theories. Weekend courses are taught by senior analysts from other states and other countries. The most exciting challenge for candidates is their personal integration of multiple approaches, supported by classes that encourage development of a unique analytic identity.

The culmination of PINC's analytic training is the candidate's presentation of a graduation paper, and the mental health community is invited to attend these remarkable intellectual and creative achievements, which will give you a sense of the exciting intellectual life at PINC.

PINC also offers a Doctor of Psychology in Psychoanalysis (Psy.D.), certified by the State of California. Candidates may begin the Psy.D. program concurrently with their analytic training.

For over 10 years, PINC has co-sponsored with NCSPP the Bay Area Intensive Study Groups. Every year, PINC offers courses that satisfy continuing education requirements in the areas of ethics, aging, and supervision, all taught with a psychodynamic focus.

As a comparative institute, PINC offers programs that create dialogues and synthesis between psychoanalysis and science, the arts, and politics. Next in the Crossing the Synapse neuropsychoanalysis series is Oliver Turnbull on May 19; on June 2, "Design and the Unconscious" with Maria McVarish; and on September 29, Ingeborg Scholz-Strasser, Director of the Freud Museum in Vienna, and Adrienne Harris will join us for a conference on Freud's Women.

For more information about PINC's training program or community events, check our website at www.pincsf.org or call the office at (415) 922-4050.

Jane Burka, Ph.D.
Personal and Supervising Analyst at PINC
and Faculty Representative to the PINC Board