Founded in 1974, Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (RAMS) is a private non-profit mental health agency providing community-based, consumer-guided, culturally competent and multilingual services that meet the mental health, vocational, residential, social, and educational needs of San Francisco's diverse community. With over 30 years of experience providing comprehensive and culturally competent services to the community, RAMS offers bilingual and bicultural services in over 17 languages and dialects, including Russian and many Asian languages/dialects. 

RAMS also offers a broad range of clinical training programs, including the Pre-doctoral Psychology Internship (APA accredited since 1980), Post-doctoral Psychology Training, and Clinical Practicum for students of psychology, counseling, and social work as well as practical training for psychiatric residents and nursing students. 

The RAMS Training Center was the country's first program to focus on developing psychologists with expertise in working with the Asian and Pacific Islander populations. Every year, the program accepts 15 to 20 students, with preference to those interested in cultural competence and working with underserved communities. The rich diversity of RAMS' clients, training supervisors, and treatment team affords students opportunities to hone their clinical skills while learning culturally specific treatment strategies and developing professional sensitivity to issues of diversity.

RAMS' psychodynamic training emphasizes contemporary relational approaches to working with chronically disturbed patients, who make up a substantial proportion of our clientele. Last year, RAMS began a collaboration with the San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute whose members provide clinical supervision, serve as discussants at monthly Child and Adult Clinical Case Conferences, and conduct didactic trainings on clinical issues.

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Alla Volovich, Ph.D.
Training Director
RAMS, Inc.