Full Spectrum is a San Francisco non-profit psychological health center offering integrative services including traditional and body-oriented psychotherapy, nutrition, art therapy, biodynamic cranial-sacral, and Rosen Bodywork through daily, weekly, group or individual sessions. Therapy modalities include: object relations, Jungian, group work, somatic/body based, existential-humanistic, psychodynamic, art therapy and Eastern awareness practices. Staff is trained to handle the full range of psychological issues, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, trauma, and substance abuse. We also offer training and education for professionals and the public, including CE credits for health care professionals, internships, and public seminars. 

The core belief of Full Spectrum is that, with the proper support and a willingness to engage in the difficult work of self-exploration, anyone, even those in severe psychological distress, can learn to manage without medications or professional assistance. Full Spectrum expands the definition of "psychological" to include the whole person. Psychological problems are an inseparable mix of physical and emotional influences.

Alexander D. Bingham, Ph.D.
Founder/Director, Full Spectrum

Dr. Alexander D. Bingham is the founder/director of Full Spectrum. He's a licensed clinical psychologist, Rosen practitioner, and cranial-sacral therapist trained in traditional and body-oriented psychotherapy and has taught critical evaluation of psychological research at the graduate level. His work, A Phenomenological Investigation of the Experience of Being under the Influence of Prozac, is available through UMI. This work focuses on drug use in psychology and examines flaws in the F.D.A approval process for Prozac and other psycho-tropic drugs, and the debatable biological theories of mental illness which support their use.