We would like to invite our colleagues to our Fall "Art and Psyche" Event ? an informal evening of an exhibit by artist Annika Bastacky along with a conversation between Annika and psychoanalyst Julie Leavitt, M.D. We hope to provide a safe atmosphere for a lively discussion and an exciting opportunity to mingle among your colleagues.
The PINC Community Members are a group of individuals who explore comparative, contemporary, and creative psychoanalytic thinking. We share an exuberance for psychoanalysis as a longstanding, rigorous discipline, and our passion extends to the lived experience of psychoanalysis ? an experience by which we each, in our own way, have been moved. Some of our stories involve years of didactic training and analysis, while some of us may have little more than an interest in the unconscious and the significance of our dreams. In either case, fundamental insights of psychoanalysis are alive for us.
The PINC Community Members committee hopes to provide a supportive environment for the continued in-depth study of psychoanalysis as well as to welcome forums for the exploration of our differences. Our emphasis is on building community between clinicians at all levels, and also artists, musicians, and healers of all kinds. In other words, all are welcome!
When: Friday, October 19, 7 - 9 p.m.
Where: PINC, 530 Bush Street, SF
Free and welcome to all!